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April Allen


I have been playing and experimenting with my music for years, but only recently have I had the courage to perform it in different venues and to put it on this site. 

I hope you enjoy the music!

Check out April’s bio for more info about her journey.


April is currently recording an album called "Life Lessons". It is collection of her original songs performed on her mountain dulcimer accompanied by various instruments. We will be adding more songs to this site as soon as they are completed. Here are the first couple of tracks: "What Love Should Do" and "Memory Road" performed by April Allen (vocals and dulcimer) and Robert Daniels (guitar/cello). 

Life Lessons

April Allen (with Robert Daniels)

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A collection of original songs by April Allen performed on her mountain Dulcimer. Accompanied by Robert Daniels on various instruments.

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We wanted to add few more traditional songs (and hopefully will be adding more soon). Here is one April recorded with Randy Wilson a couple years back. If you like these then check out more like them on the  music page

At the Pickin' Porch 

I finally got to go up to the MAC in Prestonsburg and participate in the Pickin' Porch. Josh and the kids went with me. Here's the video. The quality isn't the greatest but the sound isn't bad.

Coshocton Dulcimer Days  

Josh and I finally made it to the Coshocton Dulcimer Days in Coshocton, Ohio this summer. It almost didn't happen because I caught a "super cold" (that's what the dr called it) and my asthma didn't like that too well. Needless to say I was sick! Nevertheless we made it to the festival. I competed in the regional mountain dulcimer competition and got 3rd place (pic below). The real treat was be with some amazing dulcimer players. Since I was still weak I didn't get to attend as many classes as I would've liked, However we did get to hear Aaron O'rourke and Wendy Songe perform. And I even got to jam with Joe Collins! While fiddling around and falling in love with New Harmony Dulcimers at their booth at the Coshocton Dulcimer Days, Joe Collins and Rick Huffman joined in. Check out the video:


Knott Downtown Radio Hour (April 9) 

Robert and I had a blast playing in Hindman, KY this past Tuesday. Thanks to Doug Naselroad who invited us to play as part of the Songwriter's Circle on his Knott Downtown Radio Hour. Their "Big Tall Radio Stage" is in the Luthier shop downtown. You can learn more about the Luthier shop and the radio program at I also want to say "thank you" to our friends and family who came out in support. Here are the videos for those of you have been asking:


Sunshine and Laughter - LIVE 

April Allen (Dulcimer) and Robert Daniels (Cello) performing "Sunshine & Laughter" LIVE. Words and music by April Allen. 

Here Comes the Rain - LIVE 

April Allen (Dulcimer) and Robert Daniels (Cello) performing "Here Comes the Rain" LIVE. Words and music by April Allen. 

Songwriter's Scene (April 2) 

Robert and I have been trying to play together as much as possible to work on these new songs. The Prestonsburg Songwriter's Scene has been a great opportunity for us to be able to perform them in different locations and audiences. Last night, at the Jenny Wiley lodge, we were able to perform some more new material for the first time, which is always nerve racking! We played 3 new original songs Sunshine and Laughter, Love Is No Minor Thing, and Here Comes the Rain as well as Memory Road and Jacks-A-Runnin'. Here are some pics and a video.






Songwriter's Scene (March 19) 

We had another great time at the Songwriter's Scene. This time we met at Pig in a Poke in Prestonsburg, KY. Robert and I performed three of my original songs, "What Love Should Do", "Keepin' Time", and "Memory Road". Thanks again to Robert, who played a different instrument with each song (Guitar, Banjo, and Cello). 


Songwriter's Scene (March 12) 

I really enjoyed participating in the Songwriter's Scene at the Brickhouse Restaurant in Prestonsburg, KY. Robert Daniels and I performed three of my original songs (What Love Should Do, Jacks a Runnin', and Memory Road). We got to show off a little of what we've been working on and received some great feedback from the crowd. I look forward to attending again real soon.